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meteormeteor In the past I have always been facinated by meteor scatter. Using this mode was not apealing due to the work it was to decode the received signals. Playing with tape recorders was not my thing. Thanks to the great work of Joe Taylor and  friends we do not have to do this anymore. This was the time to step in to this wonderfull part of the hobby, hi

My laptop was powerfull enough to run WSJT wich made me decide to get active on MS. Living with neighbours close by made QRO impossible. Running 5 - 10 Watts made only a  limmited amount of stations I could make a two way QSO with possible. This forced me to look for an alernative, like "portable" use. Portable in this case means using my car to transport the genarator, amlifier, antenna's, fuelcans and.....  The locations were picked by using the most wanted map on

To accomadate others to work wanted/"needed" squares I went 3 times to JP21 (Norway), once to JO98 (Sweden) and the last time to JM66 (Pantelleria, Italy).

Al trips were fun. The reactions and comments were positive every trip. There were requests for audio files to find out how the signals were received. This made me look where I had stored the .wav files. None of them I deleted I knew, but they could have been lost when I threw the old crashed laptop in to the garbadge bin. I wil add a map with all the available .wav files. All files are in fsk441.  (don't look for them now, I haven't added them yett, hi)