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 Most microwavers arround the North Sea have at least heard of the PI7QHN beacons. For years they were one of the few beacons available on 70, 23 and 13cm's. After the beaconkeeper, Arie, PA0QHN passed away the beacons were no longer maintained. During a thunderstorm the beaconsite was hit by lightning and the 13cm beacon was distroyed. The 23cm beacon was damaged and is untill today producing a few milliwatts output only. It is still running the old locator system in the message, hi. CM44... 

There was the need for beacons on 23 and 13cm. For that reason Hans PA3AGS, now PH0V, and I decided to have a look in the junkboxes and see if we had enough unused "junk" to build new beacons. While building Hans, PA0HSM, offerd to build a 3cm beacon. Within a few months we had the prototypes up and running. Not locked to GPS  these beacons have been running for years. They were "known" being "somwhat" frequencie instable , hi. We always had the idea of locking the beacons to GPS and to add 3 more beacons, on 9cm, 6cm and 24GHz.

While the new beacons grew slowly another Hans, this time PE1CKK, suggested to build an aditional beacon, this time on 47GHz.

March 3th 2021 the 4 new beacons were placed at the beacon site. The 23cm, 9cm, 6cm and 24GHz beacons are locked to an 10MHz OCXO. The 47GHz beacon is locked to GPS. The old 23cm beacon broke down just a few weeks before placing the new beacons. This beacon was replaced by a new setup and is now also locked to an 10MHz OCXO.

Except for the 47GHz beacon all beacons have omi directional antennas. The 47GHz beacon uses an sectorial horn directed South-East with an 90 degree opening.

The 13cm beacon will be upgraded in the near future.

On the picture you see 2 masts. The left mast: bottom - 47GHz, middle - 13cm and the top the 24GHz beacon. The right mast : top - 70cm repeater, next down - 9cm, next down - 3cm, then 23cm and at the bottom the 6cm beacon. The two poles you see left and right of the two masts are not antennas but lightning aresters. ;-)